Technology on the Border, Pt. 2

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Securing the border can be a difficult task. It can be even more difficult if border agents are not prepared with the right tools for the job. That is why experts meet to discuss the latest technology that can be used to protect the border.

The 2017 Border Security Expo showcases the latest technology that could be used along the border. The goal of this event is to gather technology experts with border agencies that hope to acquire new equipment that will fill their needs. 

For two out of three days, the expo involves a showroom where all the equipment is featured by sellers.
There’s presentations from border agencies to let other expert know what they encounter every day.
Then the there’s the third and final day. It gives agents an opportunity to put some equipment to the test.
A demonstration took place in Bandera, Texas.

Event Coordinator John Moriarty says, “They get a sense that they’re going to be able to invest in technology. Being here helps them identify some of the solutions they were not aware of previously.”

During this day, we primarily see weapons and technology surrounding tactical operations.
From a gun that can unload over 100 rounds in 2 seconds, to an electronic guided sniper rifle, a select group in attendance gets to test it.

Among some of the technology featured is a mapping system that detects gunfire. Various sensors point out the direction of every gunshot fired during the event. Radars keep an eye on everything from a distance. As a bonus, agents can boast their skills in tactical competitions.

This event is unique in that it focuses on the U.S. Mexico Border. The same agency behind this Border Security expo tells us about a Canadian expo equivalent. Coordinators say it’s not as showroom heavy as this event.
Moriarty says, “We have a much different relationship with Canada than we do with Mexico. That’s a bilateral event. We have an advisory board that puts together that conference program.”

A collaboration with Mexico would benefit agencies from both sides of the border. Moriarty claims a hurdle that may be impeding Mexico from joining this expo might be the relationship between the two countries.

“We’ve tried to have them participate in our conference program,” says Moriarty, “We haven’t found a lot of interest in their part. But we keep asking…”

The interest for securing the border exists and there are those ready to provide that solution.

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