BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) – With the end of Title 42 last week, the number of migrant apprehensions in the area has dropped significantly.

But there is still a need to care for the migrants already here. And that’s were organizations and volunteers come in.

Team Brownsville is located just one block from the downtown Brownsville bus station. The organization welcomes migrants and provides them with essentials they may need after such a long journey.

“We welcome them to the United States. We provide meals, we provide clothing, shoes, baby supplies. We provide the things that you would want, or that you would need if you were taking a trip across the country, said Andrea Rudnik, co-founder of Team Brownsville.

Although they’ve seen the number of people they serve drop over the last few days, Rudnik says there are a few people who have been waiting in the Valley here for several days before they head to their final destination.

Team Brownsville provides ongoing support to these migrants as well, not just newcomers.

Reverend Carlos Navarro of Iglesia Bautisa West Brownsville says his mission to serve all migrants that come here is the same, and his church partners with the City of Brownsville to receive them.

“Early arrivals, the late arrivals, so we just get notification from the city of Brownsville. They let us know how many people will come and be released, so we’re ready with food, and all the goodies like hygiene kits, shoes,” Navarro said.

When asked why he thinks the number of migrants has dropped in the past few days, Navarro says he believes desperation is the main factor.

“People were desperate because they didn’t know what was gonna happen. So that’s why they came in a stampede, the big flow,” Navarro added.

He says his church, Team Brownsville and Good Neighbor Settlement House are the only organizations that work with the city to provide these services, but individuals are also looking to help where they can.

“They don’t have much, and I think this is the least that we can do for them, go ahead and provide a little meal for them. We know that they’re struggling,” said Natalie Villarreal, a Brownsville resident who is helping the migrants.

Natalie and her mother both say they’re motivated by their faith to help wherever they can.

“It’s something that we feel like we’re called to do. And not only does it bring glory to us, but it brings glory to our god,” said Natalie.

Team Brownsville and Iglesia Bautista both say they’re always in need of volunteers and donations so they can keep doing their work.