BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Hundreds of asylum seekers make their way to U.S.- Mexico border daily.

Team Brownsville, a non-profit group known for its humanitarian work with migrants, is now asking the community for help.

“Right now we’re seeing an increase in asylum seekers coming across the border,” said Kathy Harrington, Team Brownsville board member.

Harrington has been volunteering with Team Brownsville since 2018 when there were only a few dozen people seeking asylum each day.

“So it’s grown a lot. These are the people who pass through Customs and Border Protection,” Harrington said. “Sometimes there’s just a few of us. And when we have 50 people come in at a time. We all kind of scurry around trying to get everything together for what they need.”

Team Brownsville is helping hundreds of asylum seekers a day.

“It feels good helping somebody that is coming without nothing. And sometimes when you give them even a bottle of water, they cry,” non-profit volunteer Mercedes Perez said.

On Friday night, volunteers will be at Market Square in downtown Brownsville. The organization is inviting the community to donate blankets, coats, toys and disposable masks.

“They feel blessed. And they say thank you for everything you do, and it feels so good. Seeing that smile in their face,” Perez said.