Teaching 9/11 as the war ends, two decades later

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PORT ISABEL, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Where were you on 9/11? It is a question many ask around this time. Stories retold in conversation of the tragic day many watched live on television.

Twenty years later, those Americans are now teaching the history they got to live. While their students also get to watch history happen, as the war comes to an end.

U.S. History teacher Danno Wise’s classroom at Point Isabel ISD has American flags throughout history placed on the walls and incredible photos of fish from the Laguna Madre.

Point Isabel ISD honors the lives lost on 9/11 with Celebrating Freedoms Week. It’s a moment to educate students about the attacks on 9/11, what lead to the tragic day, and the wars in the middle east.

After 20 years of conflict post-attack, “We have high school students that weren’t born yet and we have teachers now who were students when it happened” said Wise.

Now, his students are watching the U.S. evacuate Afghanistan, and watching president Biden declare the war is over on their smartphones.

“As the cycle has gone on, it’s a different perspective of how you present the information because you’re no longer speaking to people who lived through it, you’re speaking to people who are just now learning about it,” Wise said. “Even though we’re dealing with the past with history we’re trying to make sure that we’re always having conversations about what’s going on currently.”

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