BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCental) — Astreia, Inc. is bringing a new sustainable home community to Brownsville. Eventually, the company has plans to take their homes to Mars.

“The city of Brownsville was very welcoming. We came down to look at what we could do to support the growth. It’s insane what’s happening in Brownsville right now. It just made sense that we kicked off our first development there,” said Natalie Rens, CEO and founder of Astreia, Inc.

Rens was born in South Africa and has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Her company is based in Austin but has plans to bring 125 homes to Brownsville near the airport called Habitat Zero.

According to Rens, the homes are unlike anything seen in South Texas.

“They are made of steel exterior at this moment. You’re going to see this kind of polished white and copper tones with very simple lines and obviously oriented roof slopes so that we can generate solar for the community,” she said.

The one to three-bedroom homes will rent for $1,200 to $2,200 a month.

According to Rens, the homes will be equipped with solar panels, Tesla power walls, and electric vehicle chargers throughout the community.

The new development in Brownsville is just a start to a bigger project Astreia is hoping to launch in the future and work together with SpaceX.

“For Astreia the ultimate goal for us is to build the settlements on Mars. We’re trying to get there as aggressively as we can,” said Rens.

She said they hope to ship the sustainable homes in a starship to Mars.

“We’re building these developments here and just continuing to advance our technology until we reach that level of optimization,” she said.

The city of Brownsville and the Greater Brownsville Incentives Corporation (GBIC) were able to assist Astreia, Inc. with Habitat Zero.

“We provided a lot of information and data, economic development data, population data, employment data that we see with the aerospace ecosystem growing in Brownsville, Cameron County,” said the city of Brownsville’s deputy city manager and GBIC’s CEO and executive director, Helen Ramirez.

She said the new development will bring new jobs to the area because of Astreia’s future manufacturing site in Brownsville, but said it will also attract new residents.

“Because it’s a new type of community, that will in itself attract people from other parts of Texas and other parts of the nation. For us it’s very exciting to be able to see that here in our city of Brownsville Texas,” said Ramirez.