Suspects in Pawnshop Robbery are Arraigned

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Three suspects in a terroristic threat against a high school and armed robbery will not be getting out of jail. Police found a large stockpile of weapons at the suspect’s home.

News Center 23’s Derick Garcia has been following this investigation and joins us from the Harlingen Police Department with the latest.

Michael Serna, Cody Quintero and his wife Jaime Martinez, were arraigned.

The trio is charged with aggravated robbery and organizing in criminal activity.

Quintero is also charged with making a terroristic threat.

Investigators say he called in the threat against Harlingen High School South.


Around 9:30 am Thursday, the Harlingen Police Department responded to the threat. Putting the two high schools on lockdown.

Sgt. John Parrish with the Harlingen PD says, “While clearing the school, she dropped them off at the pawn shop.”

Armed with a handgun and hammer, the two men smashed display cases. Getting away with jewelry and a stole a customer’s vehicle.

Sgt. Parrish, “And then waited down the road for them to commit the crime.”

While ditching the stolen car and getting into two separate getaway cars, an HPD investigator spotted them in the act.

Sgt. Parrish, “They went three different directions so we could only get the two. The third one was her.”

Police went to Martinez and Quintero’s home and in plain sight saw an arsenal of weapons.

Martinez was arrested and after a search warrant was signed, kevlar vests, rifles, handguns and ammo were all seized. However, it’s important to note, none of the suspects have prior felonies and can be in possession of the firearms and items seized.

Sgt. Parrish say that it looks like there was no violation on that.


More charges could be on the way. Harlingen Police are tracking the serial numbers on the firearms seized to see if they are stolen or were used in any crimes.

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