BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Police have attempted to reach out to a man on social media who they say have warrants after an aggravated assault in Brownsville, police say.

Brownsville police have identified Joshua Daniel Vallejo as a wanted person for the offense of aggravated assault following an incident at Double Trouble, a local bar, located at 1123 E. Adams St.

Investigator Martin Sandoval, spokesman for the Brownsville Police Department, said Vallejo is accused of two cases of aggravated assault, the last being at the bar.

“We reached out to Mr. Vallejo’s social media, advising him that he needs to make contact with detectives so that way he can talk to them about what happened,” Sandoval told ValleyCentral. “This is prior to his warrants and Mr. Vallejo never made contact with the detectives. So, they continued with the case and got warrants for him.”

According to police, it appeared that Vallejo made his account private after being contacted by police and deleted the messages.

Sandoval said police could not find an address or phone number for Vallejo.

Contacting a suspect on social media is a rare practice and only done when “all other means have been exhausted,” police say.