HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Local hairstylists and boutiques are gearing up for this year’s upcoming summer and festival season, but is it a new style or just a early 2000’s look comeback?

Brownsville hairstylist Andrea Alvarado (Photo by: Rolando Avila/ValleyCentral)

Andrea Alvarado, owner of Andrea’s Hair and Beauty Studio, located at 3380 Ruben M. Torres Suite #204 in Brownsville, says her clients have asked for the 2000’s, also known as Y2K, hairstyle trends.

“The Y2K trends are coming back, the glitter, the glam, the fake glossy look, is coming back. So anything shimmery or glittery is coming back,” Alvarado said. “Even the hair glitter, things we used to spray on our hair, on our body it’s all coming back.”

Alvarado reminisces about the times when she would use shimmer body oil when she was younger. Nowadays, the popular beauty brand, owned by artist Rihanna, Fenty Beauty is selling their own version of this body oil called Body Lava.

Alvarado says clients want the look of Y2K hairstyles, including the chunky highlights, braiding, beading and hair tinsel.

“The first highlights I started seeing were like the Rachel from Friends and as years went by, more and more people were getting like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, getting the thicker highlights,” Alvarado said.

Fashion trends

Monica Cavazos, owner of a mobile boutique in Edinburg and online shop Weekend Warrior LLC., said her customers love to combine corset tops with high waisted jeans and a sheer shawl as go to outfits.

Local business owner of Weekend Warrior LLC. Monica Cavazos (Photo by: Emiliano Pena)

“You’d be surprised, people love wearing lingerie tops or the corsets as blouses, as tops, with high waisted jeans,” Cavazos said. “Band tees, rocker tees, sort of those relaxed lounge-y jeans, that are really comfy. I think they never went out of style.”

Cavazos said her favorite piece of clothing is a shawl, whether it’s crocheted, sheer, or a cardigan style, for those breezy summer evenings.

For festivals like ACL and Coachella, Cavazos recommends a sheer shawl, flowy floral print tank top, paired with some embroidered cut-off shorts and a comfortable pair of platform tennis shoes for added height.

“The grooviness, the 90’s is coming back, the smiley faces like the peace signs, the yin and yang. So kind of like Lisa Frank, just kind of loud,” Cavazos said.

Can’t forget about the accessories.

Cavazos said lately she has seen bracelets with the ojo charm, also known as the third eye or the evil eye, which is worn as a crocheted bracelet in red yard, a ring, ear rings, or necklaces.

With the upcoming trends, Cavazos describes her boutique as, funky fun, spiritual, groovy, with a hint of bohemian chic.

“It’s a little funky, fun and really groovy, kind of bohemian chic, very spiritual” Cavazos said. “If you’re looking for good energy, good vibes, something good to wear that’s affordable I probably have it.”

Both Cavazos and Alvarado believe Tik Tok is a major influence of the trends and they love seeing them making a comeback.

Video and photos taken by: Rolando Avila and Emiliano Pena.