Students with lice encouraged to stay in school

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The American Academy of Pediatrics are recommending children with lice stay in school.

AAP released the new guidelines which said students shouldn TMt be kept out of school and should be treated over-the-counter medication.

Lice are tiny, but they can deliver quite a bite.

Some teachers and residents believe students with lice should be taken out of school until the issue is resolved.

“Those aren TMt the necessary precautions they need to take,” said Erica Prone, a teacher in Houston.

She believes students found to have lice should go home immediately and stay there until the problem no longer exists.

“We typically send our students home, and we don TMt expect them to come until it TMs clean,” Prone said.

Irene Vera, the health and services coordinator for Harlingen CISD, said students can come back the next day if treated correctly with a U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved shampoo.

While that’s only half of the battle against the head bugs, the entire house could be infested and families would not know until they all experience itching.

“Stuffed animals, things like that toys that can harbor lice. They need to be put in a bag and set aside for seven days,” Vera said.

Vera recommends parents to wash their children TMs hair a week after the first treatment.

If the medicated shampoo doesn’t kill the lice the first time, it will make them even stronger, experts say.

It’s not easy to eradicate the tiny terrors, but it can be done if you’re thorough.

“Everybody needs to be checked and treated,” Vera said.

Brownsville resident Carina Leal hopes parents will pay closer attention to the lice epidemic.

“We need to take care of our children and when they TMre ready to go back to school, they can go back,” Leal said.

Prone believes if the students miss too much class, teachers can help them catchup.

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