Donna ISD teacher using impeachment as learning tool for students

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Lead House Manager Rep. Adam Schiff addresses Congress during the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump (Source: CBS Photo)

Teachers at Donna High School are using a rare moment in U.S. history to teach their students. 

Only three presidents have ever been impeached: Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and now Donald Trump.

Juan Carmona, who teaches history at Donna HIgh School said students are more engaged as the impeachment trial continues to unfold. 

“They’re actually more interested because this is happening in their life and in their lifetime. It’s not something 200 years ago or 100 years ago,” he said.

Carmona said that students in his class are asking more questions and using the impeachment to discuss history. 

“Then we walk ourselves back and forward. Why are those things there? What are checks and balance and why is our country designed the way it’s designed,” he added.

Damian Rodriguez, a junior at Donna High School, said he’s learning things he wasn’t taught before.

“When an impeachment happens, when a president or a person being impeached doesn’t automatically get kicked out of office, it’s like an indictment so they could go to trial,” he said.

Carmona wants students to learn one thing from latest the impeachment trial, that voting does matter.

“It’s the will of the people that’s being expressed there, whether you like it or not then you can change it through the will, through your voting,” he said.

The impeachment trial of President Trump will continue on Friday. The Senate would need two-thirds majority vote to remove the president.

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