SAN BENITO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — San Benito Veterans Memorial Academy went on lockdown after a student airdropped a photo claiming to have a gun on campus.

Some time around noon, district and law enforcement officers conducted an investigation into a “virtual terroristic threat”, according to San Benito CISD Facebook page.

San Benito Superintendent Theresa Servellon confirmed to ValleyCentral the details of the threat.

“A student airdropped that they had a gun on campus. Law enforcement got involved, city police, even undercover police got involved,” Servellon said.

All students’ items and backpacks were searched to determine whether if there was a gun on campus.

“There was no weapon. It was a hoax,” Servellon confirmed.

Parents were notified about the threat and a short time later the lockdown has been lifted, according to San Benito CISD Facebook page.