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For many of the families, their struggles are really only beginning. For over a month, NBC’s Jacob Soboroff followed one mother separated from her two boys, to learn more about life after they were reunited. 

This is no ordinary new home for Maria Gloria and her eleven and seven year old sons Franklin and Byron. 

When asked what she left behind in Honduras, Maria Gloria responded, “I lost everything.”

She came to the U.S. from Honduras to escape death threats to herself and her boys. But, when she got here and tried to declare asylum , she was separated from her sons for a month and a half At a processing center Soboroff saw with his own eyes. 

“People in here are locked up in cages, essentially what look like animal kennels. It’s nothing like I’ve ever seen”. Said Soboroff in an earlier story.

Two weeks ago, she was released from detention in Texas and headed straight for the airport in search of her sons. 

They had been sent to a shelter in New York, thousands of miles away. And when she went to pick them up, faced with a media circus, she broke down.

“I feel like I’m dying because they’ve taken my kids away.” Said Gloria. 

A few hours after going inside to find her boys, they came out together, but uncertain of what was next.

The answer was a two hour drive upstate to Kingston New York. Where she has relatives to help out and others too. 

She received help from Catholic Charities in Kingston, New York, a charity working to help and figure out how to get resettled.

Maria Gloria will receive services like English classes, a food pantry, and even sports for Franklin and Byron.

“Yesterday, we gave her a bed and for her that was terrific because she had spent so many nights sleeping sort of on a mattress on a floor.” Said Shannon Kelly of Catholic Charities. 

Now, Maria Gloria is determined to work hard so her kids can have a new and better life here. 

“Yes, yesterday when we spoke, she was very enthusiastic saying I’m ready, I’m ready to start working.” Said Eline Martinez of Catholic Charities. 

“My biggest joy is to have my kids with me again.” Said Gloria. 

For Maria Gloria and her sons, a journey to run from trauma only brought more of it. But now, they hope, they’re finally in the place that will bring them peace. 

On top of the trauma, Maria Gloria and her sons are dealing with after separation, they now face massive uncertainty about her asylum claim and when it will be processed. 

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