Statewide changes to vaccine distribution could be coming

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The State of Texas knows the current vaccine strategy it’s the best, and Lt. Dan Patrick says changes need to be made.

State Senator Eddie Lucio Jr. sits on the Expert Vaccine Allocation Panel. The panel makes recommendations on how many vaccines providers get, and who gets vaccinated first.

“It’s not an easy process, but improvement, absolutely everything has room for improvement.” Says Senator Lucio

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is asking the panel to revise vaccine distributions so that everyone can have a better understanding of when they will get vaccinated. Patrick says vising distributions can reduce lines, confusion, and frustration.

“A new methodology that might have to be set up, to make sure people are not confused or people are ill-informed, or that we are not using the right techniques.” Says Senator Lucio

While Lucio agrees with the state tier system, he would like to see essential workers who are elderly, and educators higher up.

“We have to get them as quickly as we can because they are dealing with our students. They are dealing with the parents of the students. They are dealing with the other school personnel. They come in contact with people every day.” Says Senator Lucio

We also spoke with Senator Juan “Chuy” Hinojosa who says the state’s efforts have now come without challenges but hopes a new plan from the administration will help.

Hinojosa says the President is proposing 100 vaccine centers, which will be operated by FEMA. Hinojosa is optimistic we will soon be able to get more vaccines to the public in a fair and efficient manner.

“I would love for President Biden to come good with the 100 million doses, that he feels he would like to make available, for the first 100 days of his administration.” Says Senator Lucio

Congressman Henry Cuellar says “The way the state and other states are doing it is not working.” Cuellar adds FEMA will increase reimbursements by 75%-100% for National Guard personnel, and PPE needed for states to create vaccination centers.

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