During holidays, like New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July, celebratory gunfire is common.

Texas State Representative Armando Martinez filed a bill during the last legislative session to make celebratory gunfire illegal. 

However, changes to the bill needed to be made and it didn’t make deadline.

Martinez is all too familiar with the dangers of guns being shot in the air.

On New Year’s Eve 2016, Martinez himself was a victim of a falling bullet that was shot in the air.

The bullet, which was shot by an AR-15, went straight through Martinez’ skull, and poked his brain.

He is working to put an end to celebratory gunfire.

“The feeling and understanding of what it’s like to be struck by a stray bullet during these holidays. I think what gives me a lot more motivation is, ‘How many children are out there actually trying to have a good time and could be struck?'” Martinez said.

Martinez plans to refile the exact same bill in the upcoming session, which begins in January.

The bill aims to make celebratory gunfire a felony.

Martinez mentions that those who are hunting, or at a shooting range, wouldn’t be in violation of the bill, if passed.

“This is for people who are irresponsible gun owners,”  Martinez said.

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