Standing water from Hurricane Hanna still present in La Feria

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LA FERIA, TEXAS – Four weeks after Hurricane Hanna, residents of the Tio Cano Lake area are still seeing standing water.  

The effects of another storm could be devastating for the area. 

La Feria irrigation manager, Al Martinez said they are using every resource they can to pump the water out.  

“We have two twenty-four-inch pumps, actually four, two are fuel and two are electric, and we have four, six inch that belong to the county. Two of the gas twenty-fours belong to the city of La Feria,” said Martinez about the equipment being used to pump out the water.  

They have been pumping water out for around 30 days says Martinez.  

“We’re doing everything we can do, it’s just a tremendous amount of water,” said Martinez. 

He said it is not too different from the floods experienced every year since 2018. 

“It’s the same scenario that played out three years in a row. So, we’ll pump 30 to 30-some days to try to get it as low as we can,” said Martinez.  

If another weather event were to hit the Valley, Martinez said it would be difficult to promise that the irrigation district would be able to pump the water out again.  

“I don’t know who would have the economic burden to pump it down again. It cost the irrigation district a little over $10,000 to pump it down. I don’t know if we would do that again. We’re doing it out of kindness of the farmers’ heart to pump it down,” said Martinez.

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