SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas (KVEO) — If you walked along the beach in front of Clayton’s Beach Bar on South Padre Island this week, you would have thought that COVID-19 never existed.

The people out on the beaches –most of them college students from schools in Texas– were partying, drinking, dancing, and having a good time, shoulder to shoulder with no care for social distancing.

Texas State University student Roberto Garcia told KVEO that “the vibes are immaculate” on the beach.

“We got the homies here, we have everyone here. It’s turned up. My bro Carlin is here. It doesn’t get better than this,” he said.

But all parties must end. And the students that were out on the beach must return to where they came from.

But they weren’t too concerned about the possibility of COVID-19 following them home after their weeklong party on the beach.

“It’s probably going to happen,” said Kaylie Denhe about someone catching COVID-19 and bringing it back with them to school. “Like just realistically speaking it probably will happen, but I’m not really concerned, I’m just trying to have fun while I can, you know what I mean?”

Some students told KVEO that they weren’t actually going to be back on campus following Spring Break anyway.

“Classes are online and I’m around the same people I am here that I am back at home so it’s not really a big deal to me,” said Carlin Livermore, another Texas State student.

“I don’t go to my actual campus. [Classes are] online. So I’ll keep my distance,” said Ashliegh Prather, also from Texas State.

Even if they aren’t returning to campus, they are returning somewhere. Possibly to family that could be at and elevated risk from COVID-19.

“That’s the only thing that’s kind of a problem. We come here then we probably go back and give it to grandparents,” said Garcia.

Garcia had a solution for that problem.

“I say all the college kids just come here and we stay here for the whole year. For the whole year,” he said.

That isn’t going to happen, so for the most part the Spring Breakers who did come to South Padre Island this year were concerned mostly about one thing: “partying with all my friends and having a good time,” Livermore told KVEO.