SOUTH PADRE ISALND (KVEO) —South Padre Island’s ‘Texas Week’ during Spring Break began on Friday.

Several hundred college students made their way to the beach in front of Clayton’s Beach Bar on South Padre Island Friday afternoon.

Students have been here the whole week, but the crowds only started getting bigger on Friday.

“Monday was a little iffy. Then it brought up the intensity, bring the energy out, really great time,” said one student from TCU.

It was a real college party environment on the island. People were drinking, dancing, playing volleyball, and just having a good time on the beach.

Students from colleges all over the state were there, however, what wasn’t there was a concern for COVID-19. 

KVEO went around asking people if they were concerned about COVID-19 while on the beach.

“Honestly I’m not. I’m pretty sure it’s a lot more safe than it was six months ago with all the vaccines coming out. I’m pretty sure not a lot of people are taking them but it’s still a lot more safe than it was,” said a student from Corpus Christi.

“My only concern would be like if my older grandparents but, I mean other than that, I’m not really too concerned about it,” said a student from Mankato State.

“Not really. I pray to god. I haven’t had COVID since it started and its going to stay that way,” said the student from TCU.

As of Wednesday, masks are no longer mandatory in public in Texas, which people took full advantage of.

They arrived without masks, and they partied without masks, secure in their own sense of youthful immortality.

“So listen,” the student from TCU continued. “It is what it is, and if it happens it happens. But in my mindset, I’m free and I’m protected.”

For those that were wondering what Spring Break on South Padre Island would look like in 2021, it seems Spring Break is happening pretty much business as usual.

Now it’s a waiting game to see what happens as a result.