Spoiled food could be reimbursed through insurance

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RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) — With some now going on days without power, food is spoiling in powerless fridges, but that could be covered by your renters’ or homeowners’ insurance.

When you take out an insurance policy for your home or apartment, you might not think about getting reimbursed for soured milk or rotten eggs but housing officials say it counts as personal property.

“Food coverage is often related to personal property.” Camille Garcia, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, Insurance Council of Texas

The Insurance Council of Texas says if you have renters insurance, spoiled food is covered but you will likely pay a deductible.

“Some policy language says you know what the electrical power has to be out strictly because of what happened on your property, and some policies will say you know what if the power in your entire community, or in this case almost the whole state of Texas there is coverage.” Says Garcia

You should also take pictures and videos of the food before throwing it out because the insurance company will want proof.

For homeowners to claim food losses, there would first need to be damage to the home’s structure, like a broken water pipe.

“Once it damages that structure, that’s the trigger. At that point you have personal property coverage, you could potentially have food spoilage coverage.” Says Garcia

Garcia says it’s best to just get on the phone with your agent and ask what is covered under your policy.

Homeowners insurance and renter policies could also pay out for additional living expenses to help you find temporary housing, if you home or apartment is not liveable.

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