SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas (KVEO) — The city of South Padre Island said they are not changing the moratorium on special events permits.

Officials said it will not allow any permits until April 15, meaning the usual spring break events will not happen this year.   

“It’s still unexpected at the moment,” said property-rental business Island Service’s employee Joe Lobue. “We are getting a few calls for spring break, but we are getting a mix of spring breakers and families.”   

South Padre Island, Mayor Patrick McNulty, said in a statement that a family-friendly environment is expected this spring break. There will not be any special spring break activities, such as concerts and parties. 

Mayor McNulty also said all businesses are to operate under Governor Greg Abbott’s orders and keep capacity at 75%.

Rental businesses like ‘Island Services’ said that without special events happening this year, they are receiving more calls from families than their usual college demographics. Even then, they said they are still receiving fewer customers than they have in years before.  

“More than likely it is because by now you’d see advertisements of concerts going on, this going on here and there, but I don’t see any of that at the moment,” said Lobue.  

Lobue said with the island quieter than usual, everyone other than college students are calling in.

“What we call ‘Winter Texans’ are staying down here longer when typically, they don’t,” said Lobue.

Local businesses said they are still hopeful for a profitable spring break.