South Padre Island may be one of the most popular tourist spots in the state and in the country with thousands of visitors flocking to the island every year.

However, recent data released by the FBI has some people questioning its safety and reports are circulating state and nationwide, labeling SPI as the second most violent city in Texas.

Locals were shocked by the news.

“I really do not see how that could possibly be true. The statistics probably got skewed by the amount of assaults in mid-March,” said Laguna Vista resident, Dave Nowak.

And tourists who visit the island every year also found the rating surprising.

“I’m a little surprised to hear that. We don’t live here so I don’t really know what goes on most of the time,” said tourist Mike Downey. 

The reports are from far and wide, from San Antonio to San Francisco, and are looking at violent crimes per 100,000 people.

South Padre Island has a population of approximately 2,881 people, making the violent crime rate 1,804 per 100,000 people.

According to the FBI, SPI had 52 known violent crimes in 2017, 0 murders, 16 rapes, 8 robberies, 28 aggravated assaults, 416 property crimes, 33 burglaries, 369 thefts, and 14 motor vehicle thefts.

And residents and visitors believe most of those crimes could be contributed to Spring Break. 

“A little bit around Spring Break you know with the traffic and the incoming people they can get a little high stressed,” Nowak said. 

And that the city is a safe and fun place.

“It’s a beautiful place and everybody I met is very friendly and I think they should be thankful to live here,” said Bob Foster, a tourist. 

Donna is considered the third most violent city in Texas, Elsa 8th, Alamo 24th and Palmview 26th.