BROWNSVILLE, Texas (ValleyCentral) — SpaceX is expected to conduct a historic test burn Friday that experts said will be a historic test burn for the launch site.

Where to watch: Spectators might find the best viewing of any SpaceX operations at Isla Blanca Park on South Padre Island, either from a position inside the park or from a boat in the Laguna Madre.

“This is a legendary event. It’s a pretty big deal, yeah,” said Anthony Gomez, Rocket Ranch Boca Chica managing partner. “The amount of energy that’s going to be displaced from this test will be more so than any amount of power that’s ever been in this place from a rocket in history.”

Millions of pounds of fuel is being prepared for a monumental burn in Brownsville and preparation for the potential launch of the Super Heavy rocket.

SpaceX is planning to conduct its monumental 33 Raptor test at its launch facility.

“Half a million pounds of thrust, the world’s most powerful rocket engine. That’s going to produce the world’s most powerful rocket engine test,” Gomez said.

If the test burn is successful, SpaceX is expected to launch its Starship in early spring.

Gomez said this is a major step in SpaceX’s mission to travel to the moon and eventually to Mars.

“This is going to be the vehicle that could potentially take humanity into the stars,” Gomez said. “I mean, definitely going to bring us to the moon closer, and then within a few years, we’re going to be achieving Mars missions on the back of these vehicles.”

A launch of the rocket would be a moment for the history books.

“I think it’s something that people want to say they’re there. They brought their kids to this event. They saw this with their own eyes,” Gomez said.