Students attending Universidad Tamaulipeca can now pursue the same degree plan at South Texas College and study on both sides of the border.

The partnership between both institutions will allow students to gain an accredited degree from both schools.

Programs included in the program range from welding, automotive repair, machinery and information systems jobs currently in high demand in Mexico.

“Someone from Reynosa graduates with a degree from here and there at the same time, how beneficial it would be to the industry,” Mario Reyna, Dean for Business and Public Safety at South Texas College, said.  

Both institutions entered into an agreement allowing students to attend classes and use training facilities on both sides of the border.

“We know that there is a huge demand and we can help in filling those gaps that they have,” Reyna said about the need for future experienced manufacturing workers. “Each corporation that will be moving into Mexico will need personnel that can operate in that environment.”

It’s a dream come true for students on both sides of the border aiming at gaining employment in the ever-growing manufacturing industry in Mexico.

“We have a lot of equipment, a lot of tools that they can use in some of the programs,” Reyna said.

The agreement between both colleges started in 2016 and was finalized in January.

Students and professors at Tamaulipeca will be able to take classes and train at one of the hands-on facilities at STC.

According to Reyna, the students will be gaining skills that continue to satisfy the need for a border region workforce.

“Anything that we can do in Reynosa will benefit us,” Reyna said. “The more that happens in Reynosa, the more manufacturing that happens, the more economic development that happens will benefit us.”

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