South Padre Island renews opposition to LNG

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SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, Texas – The Final Environmental Impact Statements for the Annova LNG Brownsville Project is now complete. The nearly 500-page document details environmental effects of the construction and operation of various LNG related activities as proposed at the Port of Brownsville. This past week the City of South Padre Island renewing its 2015 opposition to the construction of Liquefied Natural Gas companies looking to settle about 7 miles from the destination city.

Randy Smith, Interim City Manager, “It’s a pristine beach, it’s a pristine area, the air quality is so much better. Our beaches are so beautiful, we want to make sure that we do everything we can to keep our natural habitat in its original condition.”

According to the federal report, construction and operation would not affect tourism such as boat tours or beach going in SPI. However, the interim city manager says the opposition from the city is nothing new.

“It’s a whole gamut of stuff. Where is the channel is going to be shut down? What effects it has on our industries? We need those questions answered at some time and point.”

The document mentions South Padre Island about 56 times. It talks about short term and permanent impacts on wildlife, vegetation, and impact of having the other two LNG facilities constructing and operating at the same time.

“There is so many unknowns that the city doesn’t know yet.” Says Smith.

For now, it is not a done deal. As this document does not give the LNGs authorization to start construction. If you’d like to see the full report or would like to submit a concern to federal agencies about LNG visit these links:

Concern to FERC:


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