Some Weslaco voters report issues at the polls

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Voters are contacting our newsroom saying they are experiencing issues

Weslaco, Texas (KVEO)—It’s Election Day, and voters across the Rio Grande Valley and the United States are headed to the polls to cast their ballots.

Some Weslaco voters say they are experiencing issues at a polling location.

Weslaco Polling location Mary Hoge Middle School

At 8 a.m. voters said polling machines were not working at the Mary Hoge middle school at 2302 N. International Blvd.

It was said that a poll worker left for an unknown period of time. According to the Texas Election Code, a poll watcher may leave the polling place temporarily in order to use a cell phone or other wireless communication device.

If the poll watcher promptly returns, he or she is considered to have served continuously as that term is used for calculating his or her continuous five hours, which allows the watcher to come and go.

Officials told the watcher, the poll worker could not come back based on Texas Election Code. The polling worker left the polling location clearly upset in a vehicle that had campaign decorations of a particular party.

The Hidalgo County Election’s department said other polling locations in Weslaco are experiencing connectivity issues, and IT was on the way to resolve them.

The department says 95% of the polls in the city are working. Residents can go to any location within the County to cast their vote.

The department says it is working hard to resolve the issue, but as of 10 a.m. there is no specific time as to when the connectivity issue will be resolved.

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