EDINBURG, Texas (ValleyCentral) — It has been more than two months since youth softball coach Alonso Luna Jr. suffered a stroke in the middle of a tournament. For weeks he was in a coma, but now Luna is awake and talking again and is aiming to make a full recovery.

ValleyCentral sat down with Luna and his family who have been by his side during this long road recovery.

“We were told he wasn’t going to be able to talk or walk and look at him now, he’s talking, he’s saying full sentences,” said Joanna Lozoya, Coach Luna’s sister.

Since suffering from the stroke back in February, Luna has undergone eight surgeries. Lozoya said it’s a miracle to see how much her brother’s condition has improved. But Luna’s family believes there is a reason behind his improvement.

“That’s what they say is what has been pushing him through his family and the support of everybody else,” Lozoya said. “His teammates reach out and talk to him as well, and they are doing so much for him.”

Joel Gonzalez is one of Luna’s fellow coaches, Gonzalez tells ValleyCentral he remembers the freighting day Luna was rushed to the hospital. But it’s not just valley softball teams coming to Luna’s support.

“We got scared leaving him there and laying on the floor the first thing we did was try to get him some help. Pick him up and put him on the ambulance and after that just worried,” Gonzalez said. “We have teams from out of town calling to ask to know about him to know his story. “

While there is still a long road to recovery, Coach Luna knows he’ll be back on the field.

“We’re feeling this out and we are feeling each other along the way,” Luna said.

Another softball tournament will be held on May 21- 22 to raise more money for medical expenses. More information can be found below.