LA JOYA, Texas (KVEO) — On Monday, a Department of Public Safety trooper was punched twice while assisting RGV Border Patrol and arresting a human smuggler, according to DPS.

The events happened while the trooper was assisting Border Patrol to arrest a group of migrants in La Joya.

The leader of the group, David Castillo ran away, attempting to avoid the arrest. The trooper, whose name has not been disclosed, followed him and when he caught up Castillo punched the trooper across the left side of his face, according to DPS.

After hitting the trooper, Castillo tried to punch him again with his other hand that had a brass knuckle. The trooper defended himself when Castillo punched his elbow instead of his face.

Shortly after, Castillo was arrested and booked into the Hidalgo County Jail. Castillo faces charges of aggravated assault against a public servant, smuggling of persons and evading arrest detention, according to jail records.

Castillo had fugitive warrants from West Virginia, where he was wanted for rape and sexual assault.

DPS Lt. Christopher Olivarez told KVEO that the trooper is okay and that he was only cut on his elbow from the brass knuckle.