WESLACO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) held a press conference Thursday morning to give an update on operations on the border as part of Operation Lone Star.

During the briefing, Texas DPS Lt. Christopher Olivarez spoke on the latest number of apprehensions at the border.

As of October 28, there have been:

  • Over 8,500 criminal arrests
  • Over 1,700 criminal tresspass arrests
  • Over 155,000 migrant apprehension and referrals (combination of DPS and TMD
  • 877 vehicle pursuits
  • 10,000 pounds of marijuana
  • 1,600 pounds of cocaine
  • 1,500 pounds of methamphetamine
  • 37 pounds of heroin
  • 132 pounds of fentynl
  • Over $5.5 million seized

Major Perry with the Texas Military Department (TMD) also spoke at the press conference.

“We are continuing to conduct our air security operations,” said Major Perry. “We are also here to repeal any large caravan illegal migration.”

TMD’s new focus is on Operation Steel Curtains.

“We’ve identified these areas in these different task force locations and we’ve been able to rehearse getting our equipment and our personnel to those areas so that we can block and repel any large caravans that come in based off the area they are in,” explained Perry.

This will be the sixth weekly briefing held by the department.

This was part of the weekly briefing provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety on Operation Lone Star.