MCALLEN, Texas – A single mom is living proof that you are never too old to set another goal.

Learning how to balance life with kids was one of the biggest challenges that 42-year-old Yvonne Waggoner had while attending UTRGV (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley).

“I was so used to doing so much with them especially as a homeschooling mom and having to devote so much to nursing,” said Waggoner. “It was you know at first they told me that I had their full support and I know they wanted to support me completely but I know it was very hard for them.”

Like many students, college was an emotional roller coaster.

“I had many nights that I went to sleep very late, and there would be nights that I actually did not sleep throughout the whole night,” said Waggoner. 

Whatever little time she did have was dedicated to her children. 

“Sometimes I’d wait in the car for them to do whatever it was, if it was a birthday party I sometimes didn’t have time to take my little one but I would take her, wait outside for her while I studied so that she can enjoy it,” said  Waggoner. 

However, Waggoner managed to find a way and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

“I feel happy for her because i know that it’s been a long process and I’ve been waiting for this,” said Camila Castillo, Waggoner’s youngest daughter. 

“Don’t give up even if it’s little by little it can be done,” said Waggoner. “If you believe in yourself and I mean having support from family is also great but don’t give up because you don’t want to regret it later on.”

Waggoner wants to further her education by getting her Master’s Degree and become a family nurse practitioner.