MCALLEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Christmas is only eight days away and the United States Postal Service is working hard around the clock to make sure gifts are under the tree on time!

  • Friday, Dec. 17: the final day to get gifts shipping out through USPS First Class Mail.
  • Saturday, Dec. 18: the last day to ship through Priority Mail.
  • Thursday, Dec. 23: the last day to use Priority Mail Express.

“The dates matter, and we definitely want our customers to adhere to their suggested mail dates so the smiles will be on your loved ones faces and the Christmas gifts will be received,” Nikki Johnson, Strategic Communications for USPS, said.

When mailing a package, make sure that it is marked properly with an address.

“Sometimes people want to wrap their presents in gift wrapping, I do not recommend because sometimes that gift wrapping can come off and the address can come off,” explained Johnson.

If you must wrap the box in wrapping paper, be sure to write the address on the inside of the box as well just to be safe.

Always verify the zip code before shipping out and never guess the zip code of the recipient as this can cause delays.

The USPS has more than 100,000 employees currently working around the clock to ensure gifts are under the tree and everyone has a very happy holiday season.