HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month.

Prostate cancer may not receive as much media attention as breast cancer, it is nearly as common, affecting about 1 in 8 men in their lifetime.

Gabriel Canales runs the Blue Care Foundation says he was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 35. He had no symptoms and no family history. However, he did have a history of male family members dying prematurely of lifestyle-driven chronic health issues.

“My main message to encourage your viewers is to really emphasize lifestyle; lifestyle matters. Every single day, the choices that we make, they add up, and they can lead us to a life where we don’t have to be dependent on prescription drugs. We can live a much more fulfilling much more active life. And our lifestyle habits affect our physical health and they affect our mental health.”

Canales encourages men to get their annual checkups and their cancer screenings because especially since COVID, more than half of men have not gone back to get their checkups. And when you get your checkups, you have to know your numbers. Know your blood cholesterol, your blood pressure, your blood sugar, your BMI, and your body fat percentage.

Watch the full video with Gabriel Canales.

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