MISSION, Texas (ValleyCentral) — U.S. Senators gathered at Anzalduas Park in Mission to get a first-hand look at immigration issues at the border.

Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn were joined by Utah senator Mike Lee and Nebraska senator Pete Ricketts and John Barrasso.

The senators arrived on boat, flanked by border law enforcement. All of the senators spoke out on the immigration issue. 

Cruz was outspoken about what he sees as failures of the Biden Administration on the issue. 

He says while on patrol with Border Patrol Thursday night that he himself came across unaccompanied minors. 

He was also outspoken about what he has seen border patrol go through.

“The men and women of the Border patrol to have their jobs frustrating and made impossible by the political leadership of this administration. By Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Alejandro Mayorkas is utterly disgraceful. The men and women of Border Patrol are frustrated,” Cruz said.

Senator Lee also had a warning.

“Not only is this enriching multinational drug cartels to the tune of many billions and billions of dollars a year. Not only is this destabilizing the rule of law in America but it is subjecting an entire class of individuals now entering our borders, millions of them, something like eight million of them that have come In just in the last three years alone to humanitarian conditions that are abhorrent,” he said.

Senator Cornyn says the immigration issue is a humanitarian disaster and adds Border Patrol is telling him there is no consequences for those crossing illegally.