Sen. Cornyn previews multi-senator trip to border, wants bipartisan solution for migrant situation

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File photo of U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas. (Nexstar File Photo/Phil Prazan)

Harlingen, Texas (KVEO)— U.S. Senator John Cornyn held a virtual press conference on Thursday morning to preview his trip with Sen. Ted Cruz and their Senate colleagues to the U.S.-Mexico Border.

In total, 18 senators will visit the Rio Grande Valley on Friday.

Their visit comes amid a partisan divide in how the Biden administration is responding to the migrant situation at the southern border.

Together, the lawmakers condemned the Biden administration for the events occurring with migrants at the southern border.

Senator Cornyn echoed that sentiment on Thursday and stated this situation has put a strain on Border Patrol officials as well as migrants who are being contained in closed areas.

“Migrants are living side by side, children [are] untested for COVID-19 in these holding facilities much longer than 72 hours which the law allows them to hold them before they are transferred over the Health and Human Services,” said Cornyn.

Cornyn believes the influx of migrants to the southern border is a product of the Biden administration repealing immigration standards under the Trump administration and the “impression” placed on asylum seekers in other countries that they can come into the United States at will.

“Obviously there’s a strong desire for people to improve their life,” said Cornyn. “America’s the most generous country when it comes to legal immigration.”

Cornyn then noted that drug cartel members see the influx of migrants as a “money-making proposition” to profit off of the transport of people and drugs coming through the border.

The senator noted that while he believes the Biden administration attributed to these issues, he is seeking to remedy the problem.

“We’d like to find a bipartisan solution to help the Biden administration get out of this hole they’ve dug for themselves,” said Cornyn. “It’s in the best interest of Texas, it’s in the best interest for the country.”

In regards to Friday’s border visit, Cornyn stated he wants senators from across the nation to be able to view this situation firsthand to learn what Border Patrol officials see on a daily basis.

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