Sea Turtle, Inc. to expand “Be A Vet” program to adults

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HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) There are over 100 sea turtles rehabilitated each year with the help of the Sea Turtle, Inc. Be A Vet Virtual Program. Now with the program’s success, it will soon expand to adults.

Sea Turtle, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Wendy Knight said the “Be A Vet” Program went virtual a few years ago, in order to reach more Rio Grande Valley children. 

Knight said the program helps kids learn about animals but also teaches them about the dangers humans pose.

“In many of the programs the injury is human intervention. They were struck by a boat, they were tangled in a fishing line left irresponsibly, or they ate litter that was left in the ocean or on the beach,” said Knight.

Throughout the virtual one-hour program, Knight said kids are able to analyze, treat and diagnose an injured sea turtle.

“You’ll get a copy of an x-ray that we’ve already taken for you, a scale so you can weigh the turtle because medications are important. Based on the size, you’ll get a tape measure, medical equipment,” said Knight.

Knight said each kit comes with the same supplies but the turtle’s injuries will vary.

Through the program’s experience, Knight hopes all kids gain a sense of responsibility and empowerment by knowing that they are making a difference.

According to Knight, over the last few years, the program has been in high demand and parents have expressed interest in participating.  

Because of that high demand, the program will expand.

Currently, there are still open spots to register your child here.

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