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Schools will not reopen this school year following Governor’s orders

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MCALLEN — Now that Governor Greg Abbott has ordered schools not to re-open for the rest of the year, distance learning becomes even more important.

Learning from home is challenging for everyone, especially for households who don’t have enough computers for each child, said Region One’s Executive Director, Dr. Cornelio Gonzalez.

“Online courses is kind of a mixed bag because not all homes have the capacity to connect online to the schools. That’s the main problem we are facing right now that internet access is unequal from one family to another in the region and we believe that unfortunately is going to limit the possibilities of success for many of our students, ” said Gonzalez.

The new orders only allow teachers to return to classrooms for virtual teaching purposes.

Although schools are not required to take attendance right now, officials fear next year’s funding will be affected.

“The requirement to keep attendance at this point is being waved by the state so it is not going to impact financially on that aspect. Where the impact is going to be seen is the impact that it’s going to be on the economy and indirectly that’s going to affect the schools because the state is going to have less funding to provide to the schools,” said Gonzalez.

The Texas Education Agency says school systems will continue receiving funds this year as long as they are offering students virtual education.

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