HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — School districts are purchasing software to keep educators and parents up to date on what is available to children. 

The subscription-based software, Parent ProTech, is aimed to show how to use popular applications and video games children may be using.

Parent ProTech is designed to inform parents, and educators on what applications their children may be using. 

“That range from what social media platforms that our kids are on all the way to, like gaming consoles they were playing,” Brock Murphy, technology expert and Co-Founder of Parent ProTech said. “We quickly realized that there’s kind of that disconnect between our families hope that knew about the platforms and what they can actually be used for.”

ProTech has hundreds of video tutorials on various apps, video games, and safety tips.

The application can be purchased by parents who can access the software if school districts purchase it. 

“We’ve got platform how-tos where we’re actually deep into Tik Tok, Instagram, all of these different platforms and showing families how to navigate, how to navigate it, how to put parental controls in place, what the purpose of the platform is.” Murphy says. 

Murphy also says there are videos that can be utilized in a classroom such as threats that may be made to campuses. 

Harlingen CISD purchased a subscription of the software so their staff and parents can have the tools they need to inform themselves and their children at home and in the classroom. 

“We wanted to make sure that our parents were equipped with the ability to navigate those restrictions for students. And so, we provided this parent pro tech program for our parents. It’s also available for our educators.” Sylvia Gamboa, the Director of Guidance and Counseling said. 

Gamboa says in the short time it has been implemented in their district it has made a huge impact. 

“We love that parent protect continually adds content. So, they’re never you know, completed with whatever they have online. So as technology grows, as more programs are out there for our kids, they really tap into that,” Gamboa said. 

Harlingen parents can access the software by using the QR code below.

IDEA public schools will launch the program starting next month.