SANTA ROSA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — On Friday morning, a resident in Santa Rosa was watching TV when they smelled smoked and saw flames take over his home.

“When I came in to sit down and watch tv I smelled smoke, and when I looked into the kitchen that’s when I saw the flames,” said Juan Lumbrera, the homeowner.

Lumbrera said that he turned off the home’s electric box and immediately hosed down the flames to try and put out the fire.

“Starting pretty fast, I just came out and got the water hose and started soaking it down,” said Lumbrera.

According to Yolanda Gonzalez with the Santa Rosa Fire Department, first responders had to climb in through the roof to reach the fire.

Officials said they do not know the cause of the fire at this moment.

Lumbrera said that he has lived in this home his entire life.

“I’ve been here all my life, I’m 62, so I mean I grew up in this house,” said Lumbrera. “But it just—stuff happens—right now I just want to rebuild what’s burned and go back with my own life again.”

The Disaster Coordinator of the American Red Cross, Marcus Smith, said that the South Texas American Red Cross teams went out to Lumbreras’s home Friday night to assess damages.

“Currently the crews have already been contacted and they are en route at this time,” said Smith. “We’ll provide a C card it’s a monetary card that can be used for anything they need.”

Yolanda Gonzalez said that they are organizing volunteers to go by on Saturday to help with more clean-up.

Lumbreras step-daughter has started raising money to contribute to repairs. Donations are being excepted via CashApp: $JC300411 to Juanita Cuellar.