SANTA ROSA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — The Santa Rosa Independent School District announced the lone finalist for its superintendent position.

The Santa Rosa ISD Board of Trustees announced Friday that Abram Estrada is the finalist for the position of Superintendent of Schools.

“Our selection reflects the board’s commitment to the future of our district, ensuring that we are led by someone with vision, integrity, and a proven track record of leadership,” said Board President Kelly Ballin.  “Dr. Estrada stood out in a field of very qualified candidates, and we are confident in his ability to usher in an era of innovative educational excellence for our schools.”

The board made its selection during a meeting held Nov. 2, and entered a 21-day waiting period required by law before the contract could be executed.

 “I am honored and humbled by the board’s decision,” Estrada said. “As superintendent, my focus will be on creating a dynamic learning environment that fosters innovation and sets high standards for both students and educators.”

Estrada began as a P.E. teacher before he became a principal for the Pharr-San Juan Alamo Independent School District. He has been working in education for 18 years and has a Ph.D. in General Psychology, specializing in cognition and instruction.

The outgoing superintendent, Yolanda Chapa, expressed her full support for the decision.

“I have every confidence that Dr. Estrada will continue the outstanding work of Santa Rosa Independent School District,” Chapa said. “His leadership is what the district needs to advance the educational standards and opportunities for all our students.”

Estrada is set to begin his tenure Dec. 4