SANTA ROSA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Officials with the Texas General Land Office have awarded the City of Santa Rosa nearly two million dollars to help with drainage projects.

There are several drainage projects taking place across the city and the surrounding areas.

Leaders with these projects say it’s taking a collaborative effort with commissioners and city officials.

The GLO funding is going to will help with two major projects including Ovalle Lateral Drainage Improvements and the Southwest Ditch Drainage Improvements.

Cameron County Drainage District No. 6 General Manager Javier Jimenez says crews are hoping to gain more property and expand the ditches to 150 feet wide.

This will help the drainage causing water to overflow into people’s homes after a major rain event.

“I mean obviously we can’t predict rain or any rain event but our whole plan is to keep water from entering people’s houses and get this water out of the area as soon as possible,” Jimenez said.

Construction has already begun at the Tio Cano Lake with crews adding two more pumps help alleviate the water in the area.

Officials say they are in the engineering phases, and once that’s complete, they hope to start construction on these two projects.