Santa and His Bearded, Biker Elves Deliever Toys To Migrant Children

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Move over Rudolph, Dasher and Dancer, Santa has a new crew.

Santa is trading his hat and sleigh for a helmet and Harley.

While leather clad, bikers look tough, they have a heart of gold.

Ten days away from Christmas Eve, bikers from motorcycle clubs; Magic Valley, Spartans, Iron Pigs, Hard Times, Thunderhorse and more rode to the TMC Migrant Head Start program in the La Paloma area of San Benito.

This is a 7 year tradition and keeping with the holiday custom, biker groups are donating toys and stuffed animals to nice boys and good girls.

Some of the children attending the TMC Migrant Head Start program are as young as 6 weeks old.

While parents are at work in the fields, the children are learning the fundamentals before heading to kindergarten.

“Every year it’s new faces” said Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz with a smile on his face.

TMC and migrant children hold a special place in District Attorney Saenz’s heart.

“I used to drive that little bus over there back in 72 picking up kids at 4 o’clock in the morning bringing them to the center because their parents were going to go to work in the fields so I can relate to the kind of work that they do which is work from the heart “ said D.A. Saenz.

The bikers have a history with protecting children, many are retired law enforcement officer.

“Retired law enforcement, retired law enforcement, currently employed.” Said “Silver” a biker with the Spartans. He’s one of the original members and proud of the work here for the children.

Nora Garcia orchestrated the gift giveaway and fought back tears thanking the staff and steel riders.

Some children cried before sitting on Santa’s lap.

Others smiled from ear-to-ear holding tight to their toys but all walked away with a special gift from Santa and his bearded, bikers elves.

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