San Perlita floods continue

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The San Perlita School District is working to help students feel safe and dry despite most of the community still being in water.

School buses in San Perlita have been driving from home to home, helping students out of the flooded areas safely.

“The ones that we’ve picked up on the bus, we’ve provided with rubber boots, to help the kids get from there door step to the bus and keep them as clean and dry as possible,” Superintendent Albert Pena said.

He says a lot of students were stuck in their houses all weekend due to flooding.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen kids that excited about hopping on a school bus,” Pena said.

Despite most of the community being stuck in water the San Perlita School District stayed pretty dry.

“We’re fortunate to have one of our local farmers shoemaker send a crew out here on Friday after the Thursday night rains and then again after the weekend rain. They brought in a big pump and removed a bunch of water from campus,” Pena said.

He says the school has minor damage from the flood and that families in the community have had a much harder time. That’s why he believes attendance declined 3% on Tuesday. Now he says attendance is back to normal.

“Students are still in good spirits though,” teacher Marco Mungia said.

That’s why school officials say it was important for them to open back up on Tuesday.

“Schools a safe place to be and that’s what we want to offer them. We want to offer our students a safe place to be away from the standing waters away from any elements that may be harmful to them at the house,” Mungia said.

While the rain forecasts this weekend have residents worried. He says his students are just hoping they can still be able to go trick or treating.

If you’d like to donate or volunteer for the community of San Perlita click here.

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