SAN BENITO, Texas (ValleyCentral) – Marine Corps Veteran Alfonso Orozco says the trailer he was living in was almost unlivable. But Orozco finally has a new place to call home this Christmas all with the help of local veterans and their families.

The 83-year-old served in the Marines for four years following the Korean War. After Orozco’s wife died of cancer, he has been living in an old trailer in San Benito for the last 2 years. But it hasn’t been the best living situation, due to his old age Orozco says he hasn’t been able to maintain his property.

“It’s just I don’t want to live like this anymore this isn’t living, I’m like a recluse, I’m like that rock on the ground,” Orozco said. “But with that and being alone that has taken a lot out of me is being alone.”

But a group of volunteers is looking to change that for Orozco, with the help of Chicano Por La Causa.

Volunteers helped Orozco clean up his property and move into a new trailer just in time for the Christmas season.

“It’s an amazing outcome from our veteran community and our support for a local community as a well because this is something we do to help each other,” said Jerry Pena, Deputy Director of CPLC Texas. “Ultimately at the end, we are here for one another as a humanitarian effort.”

“I hope that he just gets a nice home to live in nobody should live in rat poop and everything like that,” said Volunteer Mia Satterfield. ” But just somewhere comfy, he is getting a little bit older, something that is easier to clean and he can travel around a little bit easier.”

As for Orozco, he is grateful he is not alone anymore.

“Well, I would thank them for their time and efforts, their energy, their kindness to do what they are doing,” Orozco said. ” I would thank them and this comes from the bottom of my heart.”

Chicanos Por La Causa aims to help other local veterans to help them with this mission click here.