SAN BENITO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — In San Benito, two parks were vandalized Thursday with graffiti. One of the parks included the Heavin Resaca trails where many of the city’s events are held. 

“You know these parks are for the community and everyone and when stuff like this happens it’s an inconvenience to them and we want our parks to be for everybody,” said David Favila, the Public Relations Director for the City of San Benito.

Mayor Ricardo Guerra posted on his Facebook to announce the news of the vandalism. Guerra added that measures will be taken to prevent this from happening again including the possibility of setting up cameras. 

“The city is on the grow and it’s improving every day and when stuff like this happens it’s unfortunate. I mean it’s something that happens but we just want people to get involved and make sure they understand these parks are for everybody,” said Favila.

San Benito Police Chief Mario Perea said the estimated cost of the damage is still being determined. Meanwhile, Favila said they’ve been working on improving the city but incidents like this take away the resources. 

“It’s an inconvenience to them. It takes away resources that could be used for other things including fixing our infrastructure, that’s more important than having to clean up somebody’s mess,” said Favila.

City officials are urging residents to speak up if they see anything suspicious. 

“If they see anything report it to the police. You know help us help themselves because these parks are for the community and everyone,” said Favila.

Chief Perea said the park vandalism is still being investigated including the second park which included Falligant Park. Anyone with information is asked to contact the San Benito Police Department.