SAN BENITO, Texas (ValleyCentral) – A San Benito area man is behind bars accused of killing a man by shooting him in the face.

The Cameron County Sheriff’s department said Pedro Rodriguez claimed he shot Raul Gonzalez on Sunday, August 13, in self defense on Glenwood Road, near San Jose Road. The area is located in Green Valley Farms, east of San Benito.

Deputies say Rodriguez told him he did not know Gonzalez.

“As the deputies conducted a walk through of the property, they located the lifeless body of Raul Gonzalez, 52-years-old,” according to a statement released by sheriff Eric Garza.

Investigators say as they processed the crime scene and started interviewing witnesses they believed Rodriguez was lying about his claim the shooting was in self defense.

“…investigators found several inconsistencies in the crime scene and did not match Rodriguez’s statement… In addition, the deputies observed that Gonzalez, also 52, had apparent gunshot wounds to his facial area,” the release stated.

Rodriguez was arrested and charged with murder for the death of Gonzalez. He is being held at the Carrizalez-Rucker Detention Center in Olmito.