SAN BENITO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — A San Benito man is recovering after he was hit by a car Friday morning. 

Miguel De La Fuente is now speaking out on the incident.  

“No, no, I never thought that this was going to happen to me,” De La Fuente said. 

May 19th started as a typical day for De La Fuente. He was taking his normal commute to work, walking from his apartment to Blanquita’s restaurant. 

That’s when everything changed for him. 

“From the moment he came out of the restaurant I saw that he was coming directly at me but I didn’t think he was going to get on top of me. When I wanted to get out of his way he had already hit me and I was already on top of the truck,” De La Fuente said. 

Miguel was hit on Williams Road in San Benito. It is the second auto-pedestrian crash on that street this week.

The crash left him seriously injured preventing him from working.  

“They called the ambulance and it came and when I got on the ambulance they took me to the hospital and the pain was very strong,” he adds. 

Dulce Cantu has known Miguel for 12 years and describes him as a kind hearted person. 

 “He’s just always there for everybody even at Blanquita’s they know him, they look for him they ask for him. They request for him to be their waiter,” Cantu Said. 

Williams Road is used by students who walk to and from school. 

De La Fuente is now asking drivers to be more vigilant. 

“We need to have more precautions when driving and see all the mirrors and see more than anything in front of you to make sure there is no one,” De La Fuente said.