SAN BENITO, Texas (ValleyCentral) — Several businesses and homeowners in San Benito experienced a water outage after a water leak happened for hours during the new year holiday weekend.

City leaders say the water has been restored but nearby neighbors say they were not surprised to hear about another water main break.

“No, you have water breaks all the time,” Bob Burton said.

City of San Benito crews were busy trying to repair a 6-inch water main break at the intersection of Oscar Williams Rd and Business 77.

The leak left a massive muddy pile nearby.

“I was just going down the street to get some gas and I just saw water squirting, that was all I ever saw and then when I came back it was still squirting,” Burton said.

The muddy mess is leaving others uneasy.

“Yeah, from the looks, it looks pretty bad we’re concerned about it,” nearby homeowner Christopher Gates said.

Those who live nearby say hearing about another water main break in San Benito comes as no surprise and have recurring problems with leaks that happened before.

“In the past year we had a couple of situations with the water problems mostly to it’s on the streets here in San Benito I’ve seen a lot of main breaks things of that nature, on the corner here too,” Gates said.

“City crews are working as quickly as possible and hope to have water service restored ASAP,” San Benito city officials stated. “City crews worked throughout the night to complete the repair and service was restored this morning.”

Nearby homeowners say tolerance during a water outage is key.

“Just be patient, be patient with the city and let them do their job, and hopefully they can remedy the situation soon,” Gates said.