SAN BENITO, Texas (Valleycentral) – The Texas Education Agency approved a new virtual school program to be introduced at San Benito Consolidated Independent School District (CISD). It is called the Greyhounds Online GO Academy. 

Rudy Ramirez, the Director of Student Success at San Benito CISD said the academy begins on August 8th. The academy is available for kinder through 8th grade and is ready to enroll at least 250 students from across Texas. 

“Students can be located anywhere essentially across the state of Texas but they will enroll in San Benito CISD and be part of our school district and our family by way of this program,” said Ramirez. “This is a school that will service all students, this includes students in special populations and bilingual needs.”

According to Ramirez, all classrooms will remain at a certain capacity. 

“We are keeping our classroom ratio very small, that way we ensure that students are getting the attention and the best service possible,” said Ramirez. “We have a 15 to 1 student ratio in elementary classrooms and 20 to 1 in our middle school classrooms.”

Nneka McGee, Chief Academic Officer at San Benito CISD said the viral school program was a high request from parents.  

“We put out a community survey in order to get their interest because there also had to be that component as well,” said McGee.

Through the survey, McGee said covid and school safety were some of the reasons for the push for a virtual option. According to McGee, it was also a way to continue to support students who performed better with remote learning. 

“What the pandemic did was show the necessity to have virtual and hybrid options for students,”  said McGee. “Some students performed very well and parents were surprised.”

Theresa Servellon, Interim Superintendent for the district said all students enrolled in the virtual learning program will continue to have teacher instruction. 

“We have face-to-face instruction virtually, live instructions with teachers throughout the instructional day so you always have contact with a teacher,” said Servellon. 

Families located in San Benito will have the option to pick up school materials in person, otherwise, all material will be provided online and/or mailed.

Anyone interested in enrolling can register online by clicking here. For further information, you can contact the San Benito CISD district at 956-361-6100.