Two Roma Police Officers are recovering after they were hit in the eyes with lasers while on patrol.

“The concerns with this is that you never know what they have it mounted on. Is it a rifle or just a tripod,” said Francisco Garcia, Asst. Chief of Police for the Roma Police Dept.

One of the two Roma Police Officers did require medical attention and treatment after the incident, but both are back on duty.

“We were a little bit concerned after doing some investigation, we discovered other officers from other agencies had already been hit in the last month or month and a half,” said Garcia.

He adds this tactic isn’t new. However, it’s never happened before where they are hit directly into the eyes and cause damage.

“This is just one of the many tactics the cartel and the criminal organizations will use to distract officers and get us away from a certain area to start illegally crossing contraband, drugs, people, everything, they cross,” said Garcia.

Garcia says the lasers are extremely dangerous and can even turn deadly if they strike someone patrolling in the air.

“More than anything what concerns law enforcement, is that they might use these lasers to blind a helicopter pilot,” said Garcia.

The suspects who allegedly pointed the lasers at the officers were not caught.

It is against state law to point a laser at any federal, state or local officer.