ROMA, Texas — The Roma Independent School District is reinstating a high school teacher that was placed on administrative leave for placing social activist material in her virtual classroom.

On Sunday, Roma ISD placed Taylor Lifka on paid administrative leave after concerns were raised about graphics displayed in Lifka’s virtual classroom.

According to a release, the district made the decision to place Lifka on leave due to the information coming in over the weekend. The district wanted to ensure they reviewed the information entirely before taking any additional action.

On Tuesday, the district reviewed the material and placed Lifka off of administrative leave while allowing her to place the graphics in her classroom as long as it does not disrupt the educational process.

“Roma ISD regrets that this matter has become a point of controversy,” said Carlos Guzman, Roma ISD Superintendent. “It was never the intention of the district to indicate anything less than full support for the concepts of equality and students safety.”