Rio Grande Valley sees hurricane levels of rain

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RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas (KVEO) — The Rio Grande Valley got 10s of inches of rain this week and experienced flooding all over the region.

Parts of the Rio Grande Valley saw record levels of rain according to CBS 4 meteorologist Andrew Shipley.

“So, we had a couple of records in the McAllen area, a couple of just daily records, but Brownsville actually broke a record for consecutive days of over an inch worth of rain, which was four,” said Shipley.

The Rio Grande Valley is a floodplain, and it showed this week. Points in Starr, Hidalgo, and Cameron Counties all experienced intermittent flooding.

Earlier in the week, motorists in Mercedes were unable to get off the highway at certain points because the flooding was so severe in some places.

Shipley said that parts of the valley saw Hurricane Hanna amounts of rain this week.

“Looking back, it’s actually similar to the ‘18 floods, now ‘19 floods was all in 24 hours, but it’s still about the same amount of rain, but this was at least spread out over a week’s span instead of one day,” said Shipley.

Even when it wasn’t raining this week, some people still had to deal with standing water around their homes. In the La Casita region of Starr County, people had to pump water out of yards themselves to alleviate the flooding.

“Down in the Valley is a lot of our soil is clay, so it doesn’t really soak up heavy downpours like, say, in other places that have more sandy soil. So, once it gets saturated, it doesn’t go away any time soon and it just kind of piles up,” said Shipley.

In Brownsville, days of rains caused drainage canals to flood close to bursting.

The Rio Grande Valley was in a drought for months, now it’s too wet.

“I know a lot of our ranches and farmers are trying to harvest their crops right now, and this doesn’t really help them, but it is going to help us in the long term of things and keep us out of drought maybe a little longer this winter,” said Shipley.

Shipley also said that people should try and help drain the water around their property if possible and be careful around standing water.

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