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RIO GRANDE VALLEY, Texas – The bucks are still on the prowl, but the breeding season for whitetail deer is rapidly winding down. It is the tail end of the annual rut, however, there are a few does coming into late estrus.

This mature buck doesn’t hesitate to challenge a rival, and usually bristling up and displaying a willingness to fight is all it takes to avoid hitting antlers.

However, sometimes when two bucks confront one another neither is willing to back down. When first spotted, these two brawlers were already locked in combat.

They seem evenly matched as they relentlessly push and shove one another thru the tall weeds. Occasionally, they pause with antlers intertwined and chests heaving, neither willing to quit.

Suddenly, as if on cue they resume battling, twisting and turning wrenching their necks to the breaking point. The awesome power in these wild animals is incredible, as the savage brawl rages on.

Finally, one has enough and as he flees the victor gives chase. Satisfied he has vanquished his foe, the dominant buck ceases pursuit. He stands panting with chest heaving for several minutes recovering from the battle.

Meanwhile, the loser stops not far away, and he too pants heavily. He is missing one of his brow tines, but the break does not look fresh, and he probably lost it in a previous bout.

Some bucks are brawlers and others less inclined to fight, but those that do engage in combat suffer the consequences like this one who has lost an eye.

The vanquished buck remains close and even though he lost the fight he is reluctant to leave, but he better keep his distance, as the dominant buck is bristled up and ready for battle.

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